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About BranReluao & Associates, OPC

BRANRELUAO AND ASSOCIATES, OPC is a leading communication agency that specializes in digital transformation and crisis management. We develop effective and pronounced ideas to spark movements, create an immediate impact and transform cultures.

Our agency serves premium clients and specializes on Online Political Operations and Strategy, Crisis Management, and  Digital Launching and Campaigns. We have highly skilled partners and associates who are experts in their respective industries that craft and develop top-end solutions for every clients’ concerns.

We continuously adapt to revolutionary techniques and resources to develop plans to solve any reputation management issues from corporate to political to individual. We handle a wide array of communication services from reputation and crisis management, branding, digital marketing and innovations and executing it through multi-language analytics and insights capabilities developed by our team of experts. All these are done in the name of the values we uphold— excellence, innovation, integrity and teamwork.

With BRANRELUAO AND ASSOCIATES, there are no problems that we cannot solve.


Our Skills Set

Social Media Campaign
Virality & Trending
Online Personality & Branding
Media Relations
Work hours
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We do
  • Social Media
  • Virality
  • Online Personality
  • Trending
  • Online Branding
Our Values

The success of our partners is ours as well. This will only happen if a harmonious relationship built on trust and delivering results exists. Here, we strive to build that foundation and strive even harder to maintain it.

Delivering the service is easy. Delivering the results is a different ballgame. We make sure that on both fronts, we succeed. Our services are primed to be efficient, effective, and above all, world class.

We put a high premium on the consistency of the message we have. May it be one crafted for our partners or for us, the message we convey is sure to stand out, convert, and drive the conversations we are after.

It is our mission to take on each and every opportunity with our best foot forward. This only happens when they are treated not as opportunities but as missions. That is why in all that we do, we make sure that the passion to succeed, to do well, and to meet our partners’ expectations always exists.

We Adapt to
Revolutionary Techniques


Built on a solid foundation of trust, we are devoted to bring high-level digital transformation through positive online conversations that influence and impact the world.


Brandon Ferrer Reluao

Bran Reluao is a millennial entrepreneur with dexterity in digital political campaigns. He has a wide experience in online reputation management for different national and local politicians, celebrities, and other known personalities and brands. At a young age, he as an impressive portfolio of successful digital campaigns and events.


Our strategy is built on years upon years of meticulous study and hard-earned experience. This has allowed us to understand the most important stakeholder in the field of communications: the consumer. We always make sure to go back, to understand, and to execute in the most effective and consumer-centric way possible.


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