10 Tips for a Successful Social Media Awareness Campaign

Running a social media campaign is different than managing the social media profiles of your company daily. The purpose of a campaign is to reinforce information or sentiments about a brand, products, or services by using different social media platforms. The goal of a campaign is to influence social media users and to obtain measurable outcomes.

However, most of the time, it has been found that the signal-to-noise ratio of campaigns is not so good for entrepreneurs. Most of the marketers take the same strategies for their campaign as their overall social media marketing strategy. This is the main reason for which most of the social media awareness campaigns fail to drive results. First of all, you have to set goals, and then you have to create strategies for achieving the goal. 

In this post, we will reveal some of the most effective tips which will help you to conduct a successful social media awareness campaign. If the purpose of your campaign is direct sales or lead generation, even then, you can consider sticking with us. 

  1. Set Your Goals

At first, you have to set the goal of your campaign. Since we are talking about awareness campaigns, so, first of all, you have to determine the type of awareness that you want to increase. For example, it can be brand awareness, service or product awareness, social awareness, political awareness, etc. You can also categorize your objectives into primary and secondary lists. If the purpose of your campaign is generating leads or selling even, then you have to set your goal first, and after that, you have to define it very well.

  1. Choose a Platform and Know the Rules

After setting the goal, you have to choose the right platform for your campaign. For example, if you want to run a B2B awareness campaign, then you can consider using LinkedIn. As a creative artist, model, or photographer, Instagram can be your best pick. If you run such a business that deals with fashion, décor, designing, then you can consider picking Pinterest. Facebook is suitable for all types of campaigns. Especially if you run a local business, then you should stick to Facebook. 

Choosing the platform is only half the journey. In the next stage, you also have to know about its promotional guidelines. Take the example of Facebook. It has stringent promotional rules. If you violate their rules, then they might terminate your business from their platform. So, check the guidelines very carefully before making your strategy. 

  1. Understanding Social SEO

Every social media platform has its search engine and algorithm that they use to show search results and related content to its users. If you want to rank higher on a social media platform and boost the performance of your awareness campaign, then you also have to understand social SEO. A deep understanding of social SEO will help you to ensure the utmost success for your awareness campaign.  

  1. Choose a Tool                                                                  

You also have to choose the right social media management tool for running and managing your campaign. A web tool or app will help you to manage the campaign, engage with the community, create more conversions, boost the number of likes & shares, drive more traffic to the website, and analyze the result. If you search online, then you will find both free and paid social media management app. You can use one such app to conduct and manage your campaign. 

  1. Design a Campaign-Specific Landing Page

You have to create a campaign-specific landing page to ensure success. The proper design of the landing page will encourage social media users because they will think that they have come to the right place. As a result, they will take immediate action without delaying the conversion process. So, you will be able to ensure the success of your campaign. 

  1. Run a Pilot Campaign

Before starting the main campaign, you should run a pilot campaign for a few days. During this period, consider trying different text, ads, targeting options, etc. It will help you to optimize your campaign in a better way. We will understand this trick in a better way with an example. Let us suppose you want to run a Facebook campaign for 30 days. So, first of all, start a pilot campaign by using 2 – 3 images and text samples. Finally, start the main campaign with the best CTR-driven image and text. 

  1. Use Additional Tactics

After running the pilot campaign and optimizing your strategies, you can start the main campaign. Meanwhile, you can also supplement your campaign by investing in low-cost Facebook ads, email marketing campaigns, YouTube ads, etc. This type of cross-promotional tactics will help you to ensure the success of your social media campaign. 

  1. Take Help from Influencers

A social media influencer is a social media user who has established credibility in a specific niche. You can also take help from a social media influencer to boost the reach of your social media awareness campaign. While choosing an influencer, you have to be careful. If you are running an international campaign, then pick such an influencer who has a large audience base across the globe. If you want to run the campaign within your locality, then pick someone popular in your area. 

  1. Track the Results

While running the campaign, you have to track the result and the conversion rate. It will help you to make important changes in the campaign, which will surely boost the outcome. Here it is essential to understand that not all social media platforms give statistics data to their users. In that case, you have to keep a close eye on the Google Analytics report. It will help you to measure the performance of the campaign. 

10 Follow Up

At the end of the campaign, you have to follow up with your new contacts. Not everyone will like your campaign, and they might leave a bad comment or review. You can reverse it by providing the solutions or replying honestly to them.

So, go ahead and apply these useful hacks today!! Surely, it will help to get the campaign off the ground with a boom.